Tiny Twig marks the emergence of a new trend in social entrepreneurship.

Tiny Twig garments and accessories are manufactured by suppliers who are certified by GOTS in recognition for meeting the highest standards, from field to finish.

GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) ensures ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE manufacturing processes throughout the supply chain.

Tiny Twig is a safe and natural clothing alternative forming a graceful link in the production chain of organic cotton baby clothes. A green, sustainable process that looks like this:

Farmers → Mills → Manufacturers → Suppliers → Retailers & Stockists → End Users and Beneficiaries = Healthy Babies, Happy Parents AND a Greener Environment

Every garment of Tiny Twig is made with love and care in factories that pay fair wages and follow ethical trade practices. The garments themselves are designed and created to be as unique and individual as your precious baby, and they are extra durable, which means you can pass them on from one child to the next. And the next. When you consider the fact that at least 10% of all clothing manufactured ends up in landfills, the Tiny Twig hand-me-downs make for a big win for all!

Tiny Twig deeply respects the natural order of sustainable, organic farming forging a graceful link between all stakeholders; from the farmers with their certified organic produce, to the accredited factories creating bespoke garments, to our loyal and educated customers, and to our passionate team behind the scenes. All toward our ultimate, simultaneous goal of providing the best baby clothing (baby-first) while using earth’s resources responsibly (earth- first). Yes, both firsts are possible, at the same time!


A source of employment, a flexible work environment and mutually beneficial partnerships resulting in a sustainable future underpins the social purpose of the Tiny Twig business.We work in collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations who share similar values of accountability, transparency and a social conscience with a commitment to climate change.


We only work with factories who are audited and certified for safe work practices. Due diligence on health and well-being as well as fair wages and safe working conditions are a pre requisite for all partners working with Tiny Twig.


A happy family creates a healthy community. As a source of identity and strength, financial independence is a vital resource for empowering women to participate fully in their community.

Tiny Twig encourages women to work in shifts suitable to their individual family needs thereby empowering individuals, improving living conditions and fostering community-based economic growth.


Our founder Dr Madhu draws upon her expertise in organic chemistry and organizational management to model Tiny Twig as an icon, for both robust, financial growth as well as creating profound social impact. Tiny Twig is fully poised to lead in the growing market specializing in organic cotton baby clothing. We 100% believe that 100% organic, cotton clothing is the ONLY option for dressing humankind sustainably!